Gaming Cafe Life!

Embark on an epic journey to become a successful gaming cafe owner, with the help of the charismatic Mayor Egas and his tech-savvy grandson, Ray! Transform your cafe from the very humble beginnings into a thriving hub for gamers!



♦ Build It Up: Craft custom gaming setups including PCs, consoles, VR experiences, and even classic arcade cabinets to cater to every gamer’s preference 

♦ Gear Up, Ride Out: Build and customize your own motorcycle for a touch of personal style

A Welcoming Hub: Attract a diverse cast of characters to your cafe, from seasoned pros to enthusiastic newbies

♦ Fuel the Fun: Keep your customers happy with a delicious selection of food and drinks

♦ Grow Your Empire: Earn profits to expand your cafe, unlock new features, and become the ultimate gaming destination

♦ Express Yourself: Personalize your cafe’s decor to create the perfect gaming atmosphere

♦ Home Sweet Home: Design your own home to reflect your unique personality

♦ Intuitive Gameplay: Simple first-person mechanics with surprising twists and turns

♦ Unravel the Story: Follow the engaging storyline and unlock exciting rewards along the way

♦ Forge Friendships: Deepen your relationships with the game’s characters through unique quests

♦ Sharpen Your Skills: Upgrade your skills and tools for a smoother gameplay experience

♦ Explore and Discover: Uncover the secrets of the bustling town

♦ Exciting Minigames: Play the special minigames to get wonderful items

♦ Offline Fun: Enjoy the game anytime, anywhere, with no internet connection required